Draw a copy!

In, all the players will choose a picture they wish to copy, then vote on which one is the best and get points. The player with the most points wins! Play the game

Draw a copy
Guess and draw homepage

How to play

Once you open the page for this game, you’ll be shown 2 options: Play with friends, which is available once you register and will allow you to create your own room and share its URL to your friends and join public room, where you will have 2 options, either to join a random room, or to join a specific room, that is randomly selected from the already existing ones. Once you get into a room, you will be shown 2 pictures, from these, you will choose which one you wish to draw, once everybody has selected a picture, the round will begin with you being tasked with copying a picture that the most players chose. Once the timer for drawing has run out, all the players will be presented with the pictures drawn in a round and will choose the ones they like and then from their liked ones the one that they consider the best. After this all the players will be assigned points, depending on their placement in the rounds’ leaderboard, then a new round will begin.

The advantages of registering

Once you register with google, or facebook, you get to create your own session, instead of joining a public one. Your score, along with your nickname, gets written down in the leaderboards. And, if you think the developers did a good job on this game, you can support them in their future endeavors, removing ads in the process.

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