Guess & Draw

In, you will be guessing what another player is drawing. When you guess the word, the application let you draw for other players. Play the game

Guess & draw
Guess and draw homepage

How to play

When you enter the webpage, you will get the Play game button, once you press this, you will choose the words category, which you may wish to play. Once in a lobby you will either be guessing what is being drawn or drawing a word, which you’ll get prompted. You get points for guessing the word being drawn. Once somebody has guessed the word, everybody will get to rate the picture, which will give points to the player drawing. If you feel, that the person drawing is being inappropriate, or just not drawing at all, you can kick him from the session. If you do not wish to join an existing room, you may create your own room, if you do this, you will be prompted to choose the round duration and whether the room should be private or public. Once you finally create the room, you will have to write down a few words, from which the game will pick the ones that shall be drawn. The player with the most points wins.

Simple rules

Guess the drawing and the application let you draw for the others!

1) Guess the drawing
Guess & draw - guess the drawing
2) Choose the word
Guess & draw - select word
3) Draw for others
Guess & draw - draw for other players

The advantages of registering

Once you register with google, or facebook, you get to create your own session, instead of joining a public one. Your score, along with your nickname, gets written down in the leaderboards. And, if you think the developers did a good job on this game, you can support them in their future endeavors, removing ads in the process.

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