In QuickWords, you will be given a selection of letters and asked to make as many words as possible with them, you do not lose letters after using them, thus being able to re-use letters as many times as you may wish. You get points after each round for each word, you have written down, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Play the game

QuickWords word game
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How to play - official rules

Once you open the main page of Quickwords you’re going to be welcomed by the Play game button. If you press the Play game button, you will be redirected to a room creation screen, where you will be able to choose if the game should be either a solo game, or a multiplayer one. If you choose the multiplayer option, you will be asked to choose the language, which you will be using for the typed words, the round length, the amount of rounds in a game and the maximum amount of players able to join your game, the other option are the number of letters, which will dictate how many letters will be available to you and whether the game should be private or public. Once all this is done, you may click the Create game button, you will be shown the link for your game, which you may share with your friends in order to allow them to join. If you choose single player, you will only get to choose the language in which, you will be writing the words and the amount of letters, because the game won’t take place in rounds, instead, you may consider it an endless mode, where you will be creating as many words as possible with the letters given with no time limit.

Original game rules, pointing and game modes description are available here

Simple rules

Create maximum amount words out of available letters.

1) Create valid words
QuickWords - new game
2) Valid words only
QuickWords - valid only
3) Check results
QuickWords - results

Word verification

We use LibreOffice dictionary to check words.

QuickWords - verify word BEAR
QuickWords - verify word PIER
QuickWords - verify word EARS

The advantages of registering

Once you register, your game score will become visible to other players in the leaderboards.

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